Labor's Ute and Car Tax

From Merriwa to Red Range, Ashford to Tamworth, heavy haulage is a daily occurrence for many of us. It is a necessity to get from your front gate to do the drop off to school bus stops, to transport horses and feed for livestock, gives you the equipment to tackle our unsealed roads and undulating ranges, and it is a necessity for many to be able to perform their trade, to make a living and put food on the family table.

If you’re wanting to buy a new ute, such as a Ford Ranger, Albo’s car tax is going to drive up the cost of purchasing one by thousands. This is another blow on people living in the regions that already are being dealt with the difficulties of costs rising on essentials like power and increased costs to live and work.

Next year, the Ranger is set to face a carbon penalty of up to $6000, and by 2029 this will skyrocket to $17,000.

Labor's policy is a direct hit on Australians that don’t just love these cars, but need them for work, towing, or kids.

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