Vietnam Veterans’ Day

Vietnam Veterans’ Day

18 Aug 2022

Today we remember and honour all Australians who served our nation in the Vietnman War.

Vietnman Veterans’ Day is marked each year on the anniversary of the Battle of  Long Tan, which is today 56 years since the 1st Australian Task Force fought our nation’s most costly conflict of the war.

Shadow Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Barnaby Joyce said the Vietnman War was far more than a clash between the North and South Vietnamese, it was a clash between the quickly advancing communist ideology and freedom of democracy.

“Australian men and women went to seek out the enemy in Vietnam, it was not a loss or a draw as the progression of communisim was stopped and its resources exhausted.”

“Think of that the next time you watch or read the free press, when you go to your local church, or buy a home.

“Think of those killed, maimed or otherwise afflicted in their lives after returning from service.

“I encourage all Australians to pause and reflect today on the sacrifices made by those who served in Vietnam and say thank you to those who helped preserve this incredible gift which is Australia,” Mr Joyce said.

Mr Joyce will mark today’s commemorations as guest speaker at the Tamworth Regional Veterans and ex-Services Association’s Vietnam Memorial service this afternoon.

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