Statement “The Voice” Referendum

Statement “The Voice” Referendum

04 Feb 2023

New details of the question for a referendum to change the driving manual of government in Australia, our Constitution, are now released and show that even the tempering calls from within the Labor Party have been ignored.


As the proposed question has reference to the Executive of government, that makes the body more powerful than any Cabinet Minister.


No Cabinet Minister can apply to the High Court to have legislation struck out because they were not properly consulted. Yet the proposed “Voice” body will have that power.


More worrying, interpretation of that power will be determined by the High Court, not the Parliament.


The proposed change to the Constitution, will define the rights of Australians based on someone’s DNA - based on their race - which is a noxious concept to introduce in 2023.


The question remains: as the body will be selected not elected to be “The Voice”, precisely who will be doing the selection, and could it be against the majority view of indigenous Australians in an area?


This unelected body will have a purview over any legislation that may affect indigenous people, which in Australia is virtually all legislation.


Recognition of indigenous Australians in the constitutions is one thing. However, for an unelected body to have potential power over all legislation, is something entirely different.


I urge Australians to vote “No”.


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