Joyce fights for representation for rural Australia

19 Oct 2020

Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce said maintaining a Regional Australia seat in the NT is a victory in the fight toward adequate parliamentary representation in the bush after the Government today agreed with a recommendation to legislate a minimum of two House of Representatives seats for both the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory.
It follows Mr Joyce’s extensive advocacy on the matter on the floor of Parliament.
“Sometimes you fight for things that mean little to most but so much to a few and that is where justice actually resides,” Mr Joyce said.
“This was such a win and working with the Nationals Senators, especially Senator Sam McMahon, we have kept the most remote with most essential item to be heard in Canberra, a local regional Member of Parliament.”
The recommendation was made by the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters (JSCEM) Inquiry into the Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Ensuring Fair Representation of the Northern Territory) Bill 2020 (Fair Representation Bill).
Government legislation will be introduced into the Parliament with the intention of having it passed by the end of the year to ensure that both Territories have a two seat minimum representation while avoiding the inequality in the treatment of the Territories that is proposed in the Fair Representation Bill.
The recommendation of the Committee for the Government to review resourcing available to Members of Parliament representing large electorates will be considered as part of the upcoming review into the Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017.


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