Work experience to help job seekers into work in New England Electorate

05 Nov 2015


FEDERAL Member for New England, Barnaby Joyce, welcomed the start of the Government’s new National Work Experience Programme, which seeks to help job seekers gain valuable experience in workplaces around the country.


“This Programme will give job seekers in the New England Electorate an opportunity to experience a placement in a work-like role so they can showcase their skills to a potential employer,” Mr Joyce said.


“This will directly benefit young job seekers in the New England Electorate as employer surveys show that insufficient work experience prevents many job seekers, especially young job seekers, from getting and keeping a job,” he said.


Mr Joyce said work experience teaches job seekers about workplace expectations and allows them to demonstrate their commitment to work and to learn some practical skills.


In an initiative which aims to facilitate a transition into a paid role, employers who go on to offer a young person paid employment after their placement may be eligible to receive a wage subsidy of up to $6,500 over 12 months.


Eligible job seekers will be able to volunteer to undertake work experience in businesses for up to 25 hours per week for a maximum of four weeks.


Importantly, they will continue to receive their income support payment while in an unpaid placement together with a supplement to assist with the costs of participation.


Minister for Employment, Michaelia Cash, launched the Programme which aims to build the confidence and real life work experience of job seekers and prepare them to meet the expectations of employers.


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