University of New England students ‘highly likely’ to find full-time employment: report

01 Nov 2018

Member for New England, Barnaby Joyce, said graduates from the University of New England had very good employment prospects within three years of finishing their degree.


Mr Joyce said the Federal Government’s 2018 Graduate Outcomes Survey – Longitudinal report had found the employment rate among university graduates was nearly 90 per cent, with local universities performing well.


The survey found graduates of the University of New England are highly likely to secure full-time employment within three years of earning their undergraduate degree.


For the first time the Graduate Outcomes Survey – Longitudinal (GOS – L) includes university-level statistics for graduate employment rates and salaries, for the medium-term after graduation.


The GOS – L report show that 90.2 per cent of graduates from UNE reported having a full-time job three years after graduating, which is above the national average of 89.2 per cent.


It also found that local graduates were on average earning a salary of $72,000 compared to the average across all universities of $70,000.


UNE has campuses in Armidale and Parramatta.


“More than one million jobs have been created under our Coalition Government so it’s no surprise that university graduates are in demand,” Mr Joyce said.


“The University of New England campus in Armidale is providing a world-class education to students in our backyard.


“That’s great news for our kids who can choose to study locally, and it also means that the New England is a destination for students seeking a top degree with excellent employment prospects.


“The Federal Government is providing record funding to Australia’s universities, and the return on that investment is job-ready graduates who can take advantage of the employment opportunities in the economy.”


The 2018 Graduate Outcomes Survey – Longitudinal report is available at:



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