Regional Employment Trials to boost New England job opportunities

28 Jun 2018

Jobs, growth and more people in work – that’s what the New England electorate is on track to receive from its share in a new employment program.


The $18.4 million Regional Employment Trials funded by the Coalition Government, features a 21-month program designed to support local networks to promote employment in regional areas.


The New England/Northern Inland region will receive $1 million through a Local Employment Initiative Fund for employment projects such as using experienced or retired residents, and local business leaders in a mentoring program, upskilling people looking for work so that they are job ready and work experience programs that provide employment opportunities.


Mr Joyce welcomed the selection of the New England to take part in the trial program.


“Our electorate is home to one of only two regions across the whole of NSW to share in this funding which is going to boost jobs and drive our local economy in the New England,” Mr Joyce said.


“It means that people looking for work in rural and regional areas like our own will receive every assistance possible to get involved in the local labour market.”


In the 10 selected regions across the country, Employment Facilitators will work with Regional Development Australia (RDA) committees to develop local employment projects.


As part of the trial, there will be a new Employment Facilitator appointed in the New England electorate through a competitive tender process. The tender closes on July 18.


Minister for Jobs and Innovation, Senator Michaelia Cash said the program will directly support local employment projects.


 “This is an initiative which utilises skills already on the ground, and by investing in local employment programs we are strengthening the local economy to the benefit of everyone in the community,” Minister Cash said.


Regional Development Australia – Northern Inland NSW, Executive Director, Nathan Axelsson said the funding will help support jobs seekers in the region.


 “We look forward to working with our Employment Facilitator and local communities on projects that address the divide between available jobs and jobseekers,” Mr  Axelsson said.


“In any given month there are around 1000 job vacancies in our region for 5,000 job seekers. We want projects that will solve the riddle as to why so many employers struggle to attract and retain suitable skilled employees.”


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