New STEM app coming for pre-schoolers in the New England Electorate

13 Jan 2016


FEDERAL Member for New England, Barnaby Joyce said a new app focused on encouraging an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is on its way for pre-schoolers in the New England Electorate.


Following the positive feedback from a trial using apps to teach pre-schoolers another language, the Coalition Government will look to replicate that success with an app to inspire young Australians’ interest in science and technology as part of its Innovation and Science Agenda.


Mr Joyce said the languages app had great feedback in its initial trial and looked forward to the expansion of the trial in more locations like the New England Electorate.


He said based on the success of the language apps trial and as part of the Innovation and Science Agenda the Government would develop a similar STEM-focused app.


“We know that around 75 per cent of the fastest-growing industries require STEM-related skills, so the Coalition Government has committed $6 million as part of the Innovation and Science Agenda to develop a STEM-focused app to ensure Australia’s youngest minds develop an interest in those fields,” he said.


“We understand that Australian families want educational tools in a form that works for them and their children and at a time, as early as possible in life that helps build a life-long interest.


“I’m looking forward to seeing the languages and STEM apps in places like the New England Electorate and the exciting opportunities they present.”


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