Looking ahead in the New England

29 May 2019

Letter to the editor:


It is a great honour to be re-elected as the Member for New England. I would like to thank all of those who trusted me with their vote and I will serve all of New England no matter how they voted.


To have the uncluttered opportunity to travel the New England and Upper Hunter, meeting the people and being their voice in Canberra, is the greatest part of my job.


My task over the next three years is to advocate on your issues, to further grow the economic base of the area and strengthen the social infrastructure.


Right now, drought and water infrastructure are the most pressing concerns for the region.


We have to build water infrastructure or the problems of this drought will be even more pronounced in the next drought.


If we do not work with the State and build water infrastructure, our economic base will stagnate and retreat.


This drought will be at its worst this winter and the government must continue to increase its support for farmers and businesses.


Across our nation, we have to force power prices down, and internationally we have to be aware of the strengths and threats of China as our region’s new superpower.


Finally, I’d like to acknowledge all those who participated in all campaigns, that is service to our democracy. Debate on policy is what people want to hear and delivery on policy is what people want governments to do.


- Member for New England, Barnaby Joyce

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