Coalition Government delivering affordable and reliable power for families

05 Sep 2017



Deputy Prime Minister and Member for New England, Barnaby Joyce, said the Federal Coalition Government is working to keep energy prices down and deliver a reliable baseload of power for residents and businesses in the New England Electorate.


Along with the Prime Minister and fellow Ministers, Mr Joyce said he had secured the agreement of energy retailers to inform more of their customers that lower energy costs are available, which means as many as 2 million Australian families and small businesses could save hundreds of dollars on their energy bill.


“Many people in the New England Electorate have told me that high energy prices are their number one concern, that’s why this Government is working to ensure energy prices remain affordable by working with energy retailers to give consumers a better deal,” Mr Joyce said.


“One resident in particular contacted my office saying in winter she can only afford to heat her home for part of the day and is forced to go to bed early to keep warm, which is very worrying in modern day Australia.


“As much as 50 per cent of Australian households have not moved retailers or contracts in the past five years, even though their savings could be up to $1,500 by doing so and we now have the agreement of the energy companies to provide clearer information on the electricity rates available to households and businesses.


Mr Joyce said energy prices could only remain affordable with sensible investment in baseload power such as clean coal-fired power stations as well as renewable energy initiatives like the more than $1 billion investment in wind and solar farms in the New England region.


“It makes sense to continue our investment in clean coal initiatives to keep power prices affordable as well as protecting the thousands of jobs in the coal sector, however it is good to see that renewable energy initiatives like the White Rock and Sapphire solar and wind farms between Glen Innes and Inverell are moving forward in the New England Electorate.


“All electrons are created equal and these initiatives are important in keeping the balance between traditional and renewable forms of energy production to ensure that residents and businesses continue to prosper in the New England and across the nation,” Mr Joyce said.


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