Armidale copper network migration to NBN begins this week says Joyce

19 Jan 2015



FEDERAL Member for New England, Barnaby Joyce said more disconnections of Telstra’s Armidale copper network will begin on 22 January as part of the migration to the National Broadband Network.


Mr Joyce said Telstra, NBN Co and Retail Service Providers (RSP) have been working together to inform households and businesses about the disconnection process.


He said while the majority of customers in the area designated [see attached map] have already successfully migrated to the NBN, it is expected that a small number of end-users (less than 200) still connected to Telstra’s copper network will not have placed an order for an NBN service as at 17 January. 


The disconnection of these remaining services will start as a soft dial tone service for 10 business days from 22 January.  Soft dial tone only permits outgoing calls to triple zero.


For the 10 business days following disconnection a customer may have their copper service reconnected by contacting an RSP and placing an NBN order.  Customers who do place an NBN order within this timeframe will not be able to have their copper reconnected and may need to access an alternative communications service, such as a mobile telephone and wireless broadband. They can however, still place an order for an NBN service.


Mr Joyce said customers who experience problems with fax machines immediately following disconnection should contact their retail service provider to determine how their machine can operate over the NBN.


Customers who experience problems with their eftpos machines immediately following disconnection should contact their bank or financial institution to determine how the equipment can continue to work over the NBN.


The highlighted area is to be part of the migration to the NBN from 22 January.


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