Dementia support services in Tamworth

03 Mar 2017


Federal Assistant Minister for Health Dr David Gillespie joined Local MP and Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce in Tamworth today at a local event promoting dementia services available to the community.

“It’s a pleasure to be in Tamworth to talk with local residents about the support available to people living with dementia, and their carers,” Minister Gillespie said.

“The Coalition Government is committed to supporting people with dementia and does this through a number of consumer and sector support programs, as well as through funding dementia research.
“More than 350,000 Australians are affected by dementia and it is expected that this rate will increase as people live longer,” Dr Gillespie said.

“Dementia is one of the priority health challenges of our times and we are working with Alzheimer’s Australia to build a world-class, innovative and sensitive national approach to caring for people with dementia no matter where they live.”

The National Dementia Support Program delivered by Alzheimer’s Australia, offers a helpline, information resources, counselling and education to people living with dementia and their loved ones.

Staff from Dementia Support Australia also informed the Tamworth community of the support available to family carers from the Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service. This 24 hour service can assist if a person’s behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia are impacting on their care.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, said that he was pleased to see Alzheimer’s Australia at the event to advise residents of upcoming courses and seminars which were available to Tamworth residents, as well as the services they can access online or on the telephone.

“Based on feedback from stakeholders, the delivery of dementia support programs are continually being modernised and improved,” Mr Joyce said.

“Our government is always working to find ways to better deliver a range of support to people living with dementia and their carers, particularly in regional and rural areas, and we will continue to do so in the future,” Mr Joyce said.

“Events like the one at the Tamworth Community Centre highlight the range of services funded by the Coalition Government.

“Our Government has committed $200 million over five years to dementia research and in 2016-17, we will invest $52.2 million on dementia-specific support programs,” Mr Joyce said.

“I want every Australian living with dementia to have access to the same quality of care, tailored to their needs, no matter where they live or who they are.”




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