$9,000 grant for Pirates Rugby Club says Barnaby Joyce

03 Jun 2016

The Deputy Prime Minister and Member for New England Barnaby Joyce said a $9,000 grant for the Pirates Rugby Club will assist in the repair of existing facilities at the Buccaneer’s home ground.


He said the Buccaneer’s submission outlined the need to upgrade plumbing and existing toilet facilities and change rooms.


“The change room facilities at Ken Chillingworth Oval are dated and in urgent need of repair,” he said.


“I’ve been assured the refurbished change rooms will become a more inviting and community-friendly building, which should encourage increased community use.


“Sport is an important part of the threads that binds our communities together.


“Just like community service groups, sporting clubs play a part in helping develop lifelong friendships and interaction among those who live in Tamworth or the smaller centres around the Electorate.


“As a Government, we recognise the contribution offered by these clubs and we’re glad we can support them in their quest to improve their facilities, in turn attracting more people to take part in team sports which helps build an even greater sense of community,” Mr Joyce said.


The submission also explained that once refurbished, the improved facilities will encourage the greater participation by all including female participants.


The Deputy Prime Minister and Member for New England, Barnaby Joyce and Pirates Rugby Club President, Stuart Prowse.




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