World's most expensive carbon tax gets even bigger today

01 Jul 2014



TODAY marks the second anniversary of Labor’s destructive carbon tax and it means higher power bills for families in the New England Electorate, Barnaby Joyce MP said today.


“The carbon tax increases five per cent today from $24.15 to $25.40 per tonne and that’s bad news for families and businesses in New England,” Mr Joyce said.


“The carbon tax is continuing to cause significant damage to the Australian economy. It’s hurting households and businesses every day, yet it does not reduce emissions in any meaningful way.”


“In its first two years of operation the carbon tax has been a $15.4 billion hit to the Australian economy.”


“The carbon tax adds an additional $11 million to power bills every day.”


“75,000 Australian businesses are directly hit by the carbon and this flows through to hike up cost of living to households in New England.”


“Labor says they want to get rid of the carbon tax, yet last Thursday when they had a second chance to vote for repeal, they voted to keep the carbon tax.”


“Labor refuses to accept the outcome of the election and continues to stand in the way of repeal.”


“Scrapping the carbon tax will take the pressure off electricity and gas prices. On average, power bills for households in New England are forecast to be around 9 per cent lower and gas prices around 7 per cent lower than they otherwise would be.


“New England households are forecast to be around $550 a year better off, on average without the carbon tax.


“The carbon tax is an unfair hit on families. It simply doesn’t work. It’s time to get rid of it once and for all,” Mr Joyce said.


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