Support for entrepreneurial businesses in New England Electorate

23 Jul 2014



FEDERAL Member for New England Barnaby Joyce said the Australian Government is working with local businesses in the New England Electorate to create new opportunities, new markets and new jobs.


The new $484.2 million Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme (EIP) is putting in place the supporting infrastructure to help businesses become more robust and build on their strengths, as well as provide the advice and a helping hand to support businesses take the next step into new growth areas.


This will lead to a more diverse and competitive economy, Mr Joyce said.


Businesses in the New England Electorate can access Government information and services through a single website or contact number. Eligible businesses will be able to request business evaluations from skilled advisors and be able to apply for assistance to grow their business.


The programme is easily accessible for businesses in the New England through the new Single Business Service initiative which simplifies how businesses access Government information and services, on the web, over the phone or face to face.


“New South Wales’ 687,400 small and medium businesses are the bedrock of our community, creating jobs and underpinning our economy. Our new programmes mean that they can access the services needed to develop their businesses, in a user friendly, streamlined way,” Mr Joyce said.


“Eligible businesses can request a business evaluation, where an assessment provides detailed recommendations and assistance to implement key improvements, boost business performance and growth.”


Mr Joyce said the full range of EIP activities will be rolled out in the coming months, and will provide professional support to assist New England Electorate businesses to lift their capabilities, commercialise good ideas, find market and industry information and get easy access to business management advice and connections to research.


“Under the old system there were too many confusing and competing programmes and layers of expensive bureaucracy.  These have been removed to make dealing with Government easier and quicker,” Mr Joyce said.


“This is another way that this Government is boosting innovation, cutting red tape and ensuring that Australia is open for business.”


The Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme can be accessed through, on 13 28 46 or through your local AusIndustry office.


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