Regional Australia to benefit from boost to weather forecasting capabilities: Joyce

13 Jun 2014



THE New England Electorate will benefit from enhanced forecasting services following a Budget commitment to provide the Bureau of Meteorology with a new supercomputer from mid-2016.


Federal Member for New England Barnaby Joyce said a new supercomputer will ensure the continued and improved delivery of forecast and warnings services to regional and agriculture communities.


“Industries such as agriculture rely on access to high-quality weather information to ensure decisions to maximise productivity are made to take advantage of weather conditions – both in the short and longer term,” Mr Joyce said.


“This investment in the Bureau will also benefit sectors such as aviation, defence, construction, resources and energy.


“The new supercomputer will offer the Bureau additional processing power and the ability to run the complex mathematical models used to predict the weather at a higher resolution, as well as more frequently.


“Increased supercomputing capacity will also improve the Bureau’s ability to predict the location, timing and intensity of localised weather events such as thunderstorms, wind changes and rainfall which can have an impact on crops and livestock.”


Mr Joyce said regional communities will also benefit from accurate and detailed forecasts and warnings for specific events such as bushfires, heatwaves, thunderstorms and floods.


“This information will better inform emergency services and the important decisions they make regarding safety, resourcing and response strategies during severe and extreme weather events.


 “This information will empower regional Australians in particular to make more confident decisions that enhance their safety, sustainability, productivity and well-being,” Mr Joyce said.





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