Optimism as submissions close for BAE tender

18 Feb 2014



FEDERAL Member for New England Barnaby Joyce said he’s left no stone unturned in relation to the Tamworth tender for the BAE Basic Flight Training School with the closure date for submissions due next month.


Mr Joyce was speaking to media at Tamworth on Tuesday morning and said he’d held numerous meetings in with the Minister for Defence, Senator David Johnston and Parliamentary Secretary for Defence, Darren Chester and hosted delegations from Tamworth to meet with the Minister.


“I have made sure I have done everything in my power to ensure Tamworth is in the best possible light to maintain the tender,” Mr Joyce said.


“I have continued to state if something is working, let it continue to work.”


Mr Joyce said Tamworth had shown consistently it was a better venue for the flight school due to a number of factors including a statistically higher number of flying days.


He said Tamworth had a better capacity to deliver the training needs for the Australian Defence Forces’ basic flight training school.


“I had my last discussion with the Minister for Defence in Canberra yesterday (Monday),” Mr Joyce said.


BAE Systems has provided the basic flight training for the ADF in Tamworth since 1992 and won an interim contract in 2011. Tenders for the 25-year contract close on 31 March.


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