No More Labor Mess

08 May 2014


Labor’s mess

• Australians have been reminded by the National Commission of Audit of the immense challenge to restore the budget over the long term
• The Coalition Government has published a report showing in detail the legacy bequeathed to Australians by Labor
• Six years of Labor delivered: five record budget deficits; a further $123 billion in deficits for the next four years; and debt projected to reach at least $667 billion
• The Audit report has found that, unless there is remedial action, government spending will blowout from $409 billion this year to nearly $700 billion within a decade
• While the Coalition Government did not create this mess, we are determined to do the responsible thing by all Australians
• The next step in the Coalition Government’s Economic Action Strategy, delivering on our commitment to build a strong prosperous economy, will be release of the Budget on Tuesday night
• The Government will take the difficult but necessary decisions to repair the budget so we can build a stronger economy
• It’s in building a stronger economy that we can create more jobs, help small businesses and families and ensure there are more opportunities for all Australians


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