Joyce pays tribute to WWII servicemen and women on 70th anniversary of D-Day landings

04 Jun 2014



FEDERAL Member for New England Barnaby Joyce has paid tribute to those Australians who saw action in the D-Day Landings on the 70th anniversary of the historic event on Friday.


Mr Joyce said the landings changed the course of history and were the early steps that bought about the undoing of the German Axis and ultimately the end of the war on the European theatre.


He said more than 3,000 Australians took part in the D-Day Landings including 2,500 air force personnel providing air support for the Normandy beach head landings.


Mr Joyce said the visit by an Australian delegation led by the Prime Minister Tony Abbott would mix with world leaders as well as countless veterans of that successful sea and airborne invasion.


He said most of the people living in the New England Electorate had some link to a service man or woman who answered their country’s call during World War II.


“Films like Saving Private Ryan give just a minute indication of the harshness of the conflict our troops and their support personnel had to endure,” Mr Joyce said.


“It’s appropriate on Friday we remember the sacrifice and the effort those volunteers serving in the European and Pacific theatres made while serving their country and aiding its allies.”


Mr Joyce said across the electorate and the nation Australians would take a moment to reflect on the sacrifice for those who did not come home and give thanks to those who did.



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