Joyce condemns Labor’s legacy: a $23,000 debt for every Australian

28 Mar 2014



DEBT is a concern for every family in the New England Electorate local MP Barnaby Joyce said.


He said one of the major concerns of the Federal Government was the legacy of the previous Labor Government who left a gross debt projected to rise to $667 billion.


“Labor wanted to leave every Australian with a credit card bill of $23, 000,” Mr Joyce said.


“We know that you have to fix the budget if you want to fix the economy.

“Labor’s legacy to Australians is 200,000 more unemployed, gross debt projected to rise to $667 billion, $123 billion in cumulative deficits, more than 50,000 illegal arrivals by boat and the world’s biggest carbon tax.

Mr Joyce said the Coalition Government understands the demand from Australians for a strong, prosperous economy and safe, secure Australia.


“Labor causes chaos then complains about the clean-up,” he said.


Mr Joyce said the more than 50,000 pages of unnecessary and costly legislation and regulations that were a dead weight on business, community groups and households was now highlighted to go.

“The benefit will be huge – removing these alone will save individuals and organisations more than $700 million a year, every year.

“We said we would cut red tape costs by $1b a year, and we’re doing what we said we would do,” Mr Joyce said.


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