Drought package announcement imminent

18 Feb 2014



A DROUGHT package announcement is just days away, Federal Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce told a media doorstop at Tamworth airport on Tuesday morning.


Mr Joyce said he was encouraged by Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s pledge that a decision would be made in, “days not weeks”.


He said he was hopeful of a timely outcome.


Mr Joyce and Prime Minister Abbott toured drought stricken properties at Bourke, Longreach and Broken Hill early in the week and while there was some rain, he said there was a great deal more rain needed to break the big dry’s grip.


“The drought continues on even though some areas of the New England electorate got a bit of rain,” Mr Joyce said.


“It’s really important we come up with a package that deals with the fundamentals that are in front of people at the moment,” he said.


“We have to make sure we maintain their dignity and the dignity of their household.


“They can keep their power on and they can keep the phone,” he said.


Prime Minister Abbott told a media conference in Broken Hill the government’s “significant announcement” would include short and medium term assistance.


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