ALP continues its Carbon Tax betrayal: Joyce

21 Mar 2014



FEDERAL Member for New England Barnaby Joyce said the Australian Labor Party betrayed the Australian people when they introduced the carbon tax.


“Now Labor has betrayed the Australian people again, joining forces with the Greens and voted to keep the carbon tax,” Mr Joyce said.


He said the Coalition Government will not stop until the mandate of the people has been respected and the carbon tax was abolished.

“The carbon tax will continue to hit Australian families and businesses every day because Labor won’t accept the outcome of the election,” he said.


“Scrapping the carbon tax will deliver much needed relief to families.


“Households are forecast to be around $550 a year better off, on average.


“Electricity bills are forecast to be around 9 per cent lower than they otherwise would be.

He said the refusal by Labor to side with The Greens and prevent the tax from being abolished is in fact a vote in favour of higher electricity prices.


“Labor has voted in favour of damaging Australia’s international competitiveness.

“Australians can blame Bill Shorten for making the cost of living significantly higher than it needs to be and Bill Shorten should be ashamed of what his party has done.

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