31 Aug 2022

As we mark 62 years since the conclusion of the Malayan Emergency (1948-60) we pay tribute to the veterans who served in that conflict, and to those who served during the Indonesian Confrontation (1962-66) in the years that followed.

Thirty-nine Australians died on combat operations in the Malayan Emergency, as did 23 Australians during the Indonesian Confrontation.

These post-World War II conflicts fought quietly in shadowy jungles during the Cold War, are sometimes overlooked in our military history.

The Malayan Emergency began three years after the end of the Second World War when Malayan Communist Party insurgents fought to overturn British colonial rule.

Australia’s involvement began in 1950 with the deployment of the Royal Australian Air Force 38 Squadron and 1 Squadron.

Followed in the mid-late 1950s by the 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR), 3RAR, and 1RAR.

While the Malayan Emergency was declared over on 31 July 1960 by the Malayan Government, Australian units remained in Malaya until 1963.

The thirteen years of Australia’s involvement in Malaya was one of our longest military commitments.

The Indonesian Confrontation which followed in 1962 saw Australian forces, including members of the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), deployed to Borneo from 1963-66.

Australian troops played a vital role in bringing these conflicts to a close and supporting the stability and security of our region. Today we remember their service and the sacrifice of those who gave their lives.

To our Malaya and Borneo veterans, we honour your service to Australia.

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