07 Jul 2021

Humes Tamworth is to manufacture concrete culverts for the Narrabri to North Star section of Inland Rail following the signing of a $67 million contract.

Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Member for New England, Barnaby Joyce toured the Tamworth factory today, where more than 65,000 tonnes of concrete will be used to manufacture 5,100 culverts. Mr Joyce also met with workers who will make a total of 9,400 concrete products for the project.

“The Australian Government is backing regional Australia, delivering the infrastructure that will allow our regions to grow and fuel Australia’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic,” Mr Joyce said.

“This contract, worth $67 million, means an additional 30 people from the local region will be employed at the Humes factory right here in Tamworth as they manufacture the culverts needed to build Inland Rail.

“Inland Rail is stimulating new revenue and growth opportunities for businesses in every state and territory across Australia with over 1,500 contracts, for a combined value of more than $2 billion, already awarded for the supply of services, materials and labour to the project.

“Regional businesses are making a significant contribution to the design and construction of Inland Rail – this contract for precast culverts is another example of the opportunities Inland Rail is generating for manufacturers across Australia.”

Finance Minister Simon Birmingham said that Inland Rail would improve the efficiency of Australia’s freight network for exporters, producers and businesses and was already proving its value to the country.

“Inland Rail is about long-term sustainable growth which is being achieved through freight efficiencies, technology based connectivity and cost-competitive transport,” Minister Birmingham said.

“Hundreds of Australian businesses are already seeing significant benefits from Inland Rail, with more than $2 billion in contracts awarded supporting growth and resilience across Inland Rail regions and their local economies.

“Inland Rail will deliver a boost of more than $18 billion to Gross Domestic Product during construction and through the first 50 years of operation.”

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Fast facts

  • The 1,700-kilometre Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail project comprises 13 sections.
  • The 104-kilometre Parkes to Narromine section was completed in September 2020, already enhancing the freight connection through to Sydney in the east and as far west as Perth and Adelaide.
  • The 171-kilometre section from Narrabri to North Star commenced construction in November 2021.
  • To date more than 2,000 people have worked on Inland Rail.
  • Humes is a division of Holcim Australia Pty Ltd.
  • The $67 million contract with Humes will see them manufacture and supply 9,400 concrete products for the Narrabri to North Star section of Inland Rail, including 5,100 concrete culverts.
  • This contract will deliver approximately 72,000 tonnes of culverts, including more than 65,000 to be manufactured in Tamworth NSW.
  • Already Humes has provided 205 culverts and 136 wingwalls for this project and will manufacture and supply an estimated 100 culverts each week.
  • $12 million (more than 22,600 tonnes) of carbon neutral precast concrete culverts was supplied for rail track and road connections for Parkes to Narromine.
  • The 22,620 tonnes of carbon neutral culverts used on Parkes to Narromine will save over 7,250 tonnes of carbon emissions, equal to:
    • removing about 1,350 vehicles off the road for a year; or
    • the total energy usage of 1,028 Australian homes for a year for all heating, cooling, cooking, hot water, appliances and lighting.

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