Dungowan Dam Funding Fight

Dungowan Dam Funding Fight

25 Oct 2022

The Labor Government has tonight confirmed it is leaving the future of Tamworth’s water security up in the air.

Member for New England, Barnaby Joyce said the project that he has fought since 2016 has once again been held up leaving Tamworth with no clear path to water security.

“Dungowan dam has been kicked down the road into the long grass of the never never but Tamworth’s water security is a problem that needs fixing now,” Mr Joyce said.

“What more information do they need? We don’t have the water security the city desires, if we recycle water where does the brine go? Do we store it in pools in paddocks?

“If we don’t secure water for the city we are just going to have future rolling water restrictions that will get worse and worse.

“It show’s Labor’s lack of understanding of regional Australia, they never offer an alternative, they offer a review, they offer delay, they offer inertia and they offer excuses.

“I will continue working diligently as I have over the years as I clearly understand that a lack of water security for Tamworth and the peel valley is not an option,” Mr Joyce said.

Mr Joyce now looks forward to the imminent release the Environmental Impact Statement.

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