A Budget for Teslas

A Budget for Teslas

27 Oct 2022

A budget that gives a tax break for Teslas but takes away safer roads for New England. Labor’s relief to cost of living apparently goes to households earning over $500,000 getting subsidised childcare. We have towns that struggle with getting day-care.

The one thing that can be said about this budget it was unsurprising. More expenses on the nation’s profit and loss and nation building, income producing assets no longer to be built on the balance sheet and where were the assets to be built? In Regional Australia, including the New England.

So, let us go down through the New England and Upper Hunter and see what this Government has taken from us remembering also that they never supported such things as the relocation of APVMA to Armidale.

The Labor/Greens/independent alliance has stolen from the New England vital projects applied for under Round 6 of the Building Better Regions Fund which has been scrapped all together; an upgrade to the Inverell Aquatic Centre, funding for the New England Regional Art Museum’s Howard Hinton display and 40th Anniversary celebrations, redevelopment of the Tamworth town pool under the Regional Lagoon Project, a refit of the old Armidale Centrelink building to establish the Homes North Armidale Community Services Hub, and upgrades to the Armidale Rams amenities.

Now to a fundamental point. The most pressing issue is cost of living. One of the driving forces is fuel, power, and food. If you voted for a legislated 2050 and 2030 carbon reduction target you voted for inflation. You will get a higher cost of living and a lower standard of living. You will be poorer.

As more costs are put on fuel production, food production, and the supply of power is reduced, the cost is moved onto you. The consumer was always the bunny that was going to cop it in the financial neck from climate righteousness.

Now as the Labor/Greens/Independent alliance moves towards a methane tax as they have now signed up for the methane pledge it will be just like every other tax, you the consumer will pay.

So, we will have wind farms above the land, a methane tax on the land and transmission lines all over the land and you will have the stress of no money at the end of the month because of the fervent drive by some and instructed to the school kids. Yet they also tell the kids that we can’t have zero emissions nuclear.

It is a Labor budget of photo shoots for the Treasurer and platitudes to cover cuts to the New England and regional Australia. It is a budget when urban policies are dressed up in a new tie and sent out to Tamworth saying they are for them. Don’t worry the promises will be back prior to the next problem but the truth is the budget it is a hard truth for us.

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